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Mission Statement

To advocate for the acceptance and understanding of mental health and mental disorders, and to support the re:MIND support group program through faith communities.

Faith Ambassadors are called to:

  1. Encourage congregants to address mental health concerns through education and participation in re:MIND’s support groups.
  2. Spread the word about re:MIND’s free support groups through ministries and outreach
  3. Demonstrate support for re:MIND’s free program by making annual faith home financial contribution, generated through special collections, grants, and proceeds from small fundraising events.
  4. Refer congregants to mental health services as needed.


Benefits of serving as a Faith Ambassador:

  1. Network with fellow faith leaders in addressing mental health and whole wellness.
  2. Bring awareness to congregants about reducing stigma associated with mental illness.
  3. Participate in re:MIND education opportunities and receive re:MIND resources.
  4. Collaborate with fellow Faith Ambassadors on initiatives that address mental health and whole wellness
  5. Receive recognition on re:MIND website (with links to faith home websites), on social media, and in re:MIND collateral materials including brochures, annual report, and monthly e-newsletter.

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