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Help...Hope...Healing Luncheon Underwriters

We Gratefully Acknowledge Our Generous Underwriters


Today’s Morning Light

Mark A. Carr
Jo Ann Dougall Levering

Ray of Hope

Marilyn and Bolivar Andrews/Ellecia and Edmund Knolle
Shelley and Geoff Bracken/Shelley and Lew Brazelton
The Cuenod Families/InduMar Products, Inc.
John S. Dunn Foundation
Ellen and Tommy Ford
Cynthia and Ben Guill
Evelyn and Bob Jewell
Jack H. and William M. Light Charitable Trust
The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation
The John M. O’Quinn Foundation
Carol Ann and Robert W. Paddock Fund

Helping Hands

Cathy and Bill Arnold/Kay and Dan English
Anne and Currie Bechtol
Ed and Minnie Cappel
Wendy and Bill Chiles/Ruth and Dan Flournoy
Jackie and Fred Dunlop/Cecille and George Shannon
Clare A. Glassell
Franna and Ted Litton
Flo McGee
Susan and Will Penland/Kathy and John Pipkin
Jane and Tom Pettit
Craig and Mary Leslie Plumhoff
Peggy Ratcliffe Roe
Kathleen and Dick Rogers
Phyllis and Jack Selber
Kathy and John Stanton
Delia and Jim Stroud
Lynda and David Underwood
Charley Walters


Kelly and Brian Adams/Ashley Goforth/Caroline and Torrey Hawkins/Amanda Hughes/Alison and Jonathan Plumhoff/Mary Kristen and David Valentine
Stanford and Joan Alexander Foundation
Mrs. Nancy C. Allen
Andrews Kurth LLP
Sheryl and Doug Bech
BMC Software
Sally and Joe Bridges/Linda and Martin Debrovner/Sandra and Adams McHenry
Debbie and David Brollier/Carol and Brad Deason
Bill and Melinda Brunger
Kristen and David Buck/Amy and Josh Hancock/Ann Kennedy and Geoffrey Walker
Nancy and Harry Burrow/Shana and Holden Burrow
Maggie and Mike Castleman
Central Bank/Sara Jennings
Nancy and Taylor Cooksey/Pam and Jimmy Erwin/Jim and Jane Lee/Donna and Larry Maddox/Ann and Howard Schramm
Julie and Markley Crosswell
Cathy and Ed Frank
Friends of Jo Ann and Gary Levering
Mary Ellen and Tom Gordon/Elizabeth and Albert Kidd
Elizabeth and Wyatt Hogan/Alix and Jimmy Nakfoor/Laura and JB Napier
Lee and Marnie Hogan
Elizabeth and John Jeffers/Marie Louise and David Kinder
David and Katherine Lucke
Lisa and Mike O’Leary
Edith and Walt Parmer/Carolyn and Bryan Wimberly
Amie and Jeff Springmeyer
Christine and Blake Williams
Robin and John Wombwell


All Sunrise Tributes will be acknowledged at the Luncheon.