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Nikki's Story

Nikki-s_Story_of_Hope.pngI am a Professional Psychotherapist, Life Coach, and Yoga Instructor. I became involved with DBSA in 2009 after moving to Houston from New Orleans. I currently lead groups in 2 Houston High Schools. Each time I end a group meeting I feel myself awed, filled with a humbling gratitude for the honor of being a part of such a supportive organization, one that brings FREE, QUALITY services to any and all who make the choice to attend.

DBSA offers me the opportunity to give back. I so very much needed support as an adolescent, and found myself lost. I remember the desperation I felt, aware I needed help, surrounded by family consumed by their own issues and unable to support, guide, or provide me with services. The process I get to see is amazing. I don't even know how to find words to give the process justice. A member's first support group experience is often awkward, shy, dejected, and guarded. As the process unfolds, I get to witness what naturally occurs when we find out we are not the only one, that others care, others have learned how to greatly improve the quality of their lives, giving hope and possibility to all. There is such beauty in healing and hope; DBSA offers real people real coping strategies through support. I am honored to be a part of DBSA--as a Professional Facilitator, as a group member, as a true believer in the healing power of people.

January, 2011


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