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General Support Groups

Our general support groups are open to anyone 18 and over experiencing signs and symptoms of, or diagnosed with, depression or bipolar disorder. These groups are free and confidential. Our groups are located in Harris, Fort Bend, and Montgomery Counties. We offer groups in outlying Houston areas including Baytown, Clear Lake, Cypress, Katy, Kingwood, Missouri City, Pasadena, Pearland, Richmond, Spring and The Woodlands.

  • Most general community groups are 1.5 hours
  • Most online groups are 1.5 hours (video and audio required)
  • All groups are open to individuals living with symptoms of depression or bipolar disorders, family members, and friends


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Community Program

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Online Program

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Youth Program

We offer community and online support groups to adolescents in the Greater Houston community. These groups are open to adolescents between 13 and 17 years of age. Interested families may apply by completing this form. According to a recent report, 2.2 million youth aged 12 to 17 (9.1 percent of this population) experienced a major depressive episode in 2012 (

We also collaborate with Communities in Schools Houston, school counselors/social workers, and support staff to offer many groups for Houston-area high schools. These schools include:

  • Hastings High School
  • Heights High School
  • Milby High School 
  • Academy of Choice 
  • Nimitz 9th Grade Center

re:MIND has also been collaborating with One Voice Texas and Mental Health America Greater Houston to advocate for adolescent services in Behavioral Health.


re:MIND provides many types of support groups.

The following support groups are specific to a certain need we have seen in the community. Most groups are 1.5 hours, free and confidential. We hope you are able to find a group that meets your specific needs as they relate to depression or bipolar disorder.  All groups are led by a trained facilitator that is professionally supervised.

Disclaimer: Please note any changes in group activity due to closings or weather are on the Group Announcements Page. CLICK HERE


Understanding the difficulties of serving one’s country prompted us to offer groups to this growing population. We welcome all veterans to attend any of our support groups. re:MIND now offers a Veterans focused online support group, register here.

Family and Friends

Caring for a loved one, such as a spouse, parent, friend, or child with a mental disorder can be emotionally exhausting and mentally challenging. Studies have shown that caregivers, when compared to the general population, suffer twice the rate of depression. All of our general support groups are open to family members and friends, 18 years of age and older. In addition to our general groups, we have specialized Family and Friends focused groups.

These groups include:

Spanish Speaking The group is currently on hold.

In 2006, we opened our first Spanish speaking group. While that group has since closed, the number of Spanish speaking individuals in Houston continues to grow and we hope to host another Spanish speaking support group. 

LGBTQIA+ Community

In 2012, we responded to a need for groups in the LGBT community around Houston. We have heard that many individuals feel more comfortable in a safe environment with individuals who are accepting of all sexual orientation and gender variation.

These groups include:

Young Adults

In addition to our general groups, we offer specialized groups for individuals 18 through 30 years of age. Participants have stated that it can be helpful to recieve support from peers who better understand due to similar age and current life experiences.

These groups include:


The following support group types are for specific individuals currently being served by designated organizations. These groups are not open to the general public. 

Transitional Housing

We offer support groups in facilities that provide services to individuals experiencing transitional living. These groups are closed to the general public and are only available to individuals receiving services from these organizations. We have had success in reaching this population through residential programs and transitional living environments. These organizations include The Women’s Home, and Covenant House.

The Gathering Place

We provide a group to the individuals receiving services from The Gathering Place. These individuals are receiving psychosocial rehabilitation services from The Gathering Place. You must be a member to receive services.


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