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re:MIND provides free and confidential support groups for individuals living with, or family and friends affected by, depression and bipolar disorders.


In order to reach young individuals living with depression and bipolar disorder, re:MIND collaborates with schools in the surrounding area. re:MIND provides a free support group on school campuses for students (ages 13-17) once a week during the school day. Participation in groups is voluntary and must be a least 60 minutes long. re:MIND provides a professionally trained, managed and monitored facilitator to facilitate a one hour support group at the school location once a week during school hours. Students must be screened by a mental health staff person (on campus) and referred to the group. All students must be on Communities in Schools (CIS) caseload or have appropriate re:MIND consent form prior to attending group. Groups should have 5-8 students present at each group meeting and a mental health professional must be on the school campus during group time. Thanks to our generous donors we provide our weekly support groups, valued at more than $20,000 per year, to schools who are ready to talk about mental health at no cost to the school or students.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in having a re:MIND support group on your campus, please complete the following request form. No phone calls please. Note: If a school district is interested in having re:MIND groups on multiple campuses, please have each campus individually submit a request form with the required information.

All requests can be sent August 1 through September 15 of each calendar year. Following receipt of form, re:MIND Program Staff will follow up with the contact person to schedule a site visit and coordinate accordingly. Please note the deadline this year is September 15. Forms received after this date will not be considered.

School Contact (School Counselor/Social Worker, CIS Case manager, etc.)

Please read each line carefully and acknowledge by clicking the checkbox. Thank you.

re:MIND Program Staff person, not re:MIND group facilitator, is the main contact for any school group. CIS/school contact must notify/consult with re:MIND administrative office about any closings, time changes, or testing schedules that may impact the group. Please inform Program Staff of any group closing 24 hours prior to scheduled group time.

Facilitator and CIS/school contact do not share information about group participants or about what is shared in group unless there is a safety concern during group (suicidal, homicidal thoughts/intentions).

Facilitators are not permitted to fill out any forms requested by CIS/school contact. This includes surveys or any other assessments. Any questions about this should be directed to Program Staff at re:MIND main office.

Participants should not fill out any forms requested by CIS/school contact during group time.

CIS/school contact must have signed consent forms for all group participants prior to group start date/participation.

CIS/school contact must be on site during group time. If not on site, there should be an alternative onsite contact given. The alternative contact must be a mental health professional or school administrator.

CIS/school contact will communicate necessary background checks for facilitators prior to school group opening. CIS/School contact must verify and provide proof of approval from Volunteer Coordinator to re:MIND program staff.

Group must meet in a confidential space where conversations cannot be overheard by people outside of the group. The group may only consist of the re:MIND group facilitator and student participants. Group is not to be observed by anyone other than re:MIND Program Staff.

Students MUST be a minimum of 13 years old to attend group.

CIS/Contact must provide 60 minutes for group, and group must meet during regular school hours.

CIS/school contact is responsible for stable attendance of group (expectation is at least 5-10 students each week per group). Site must meet minimum attendance standard by December.

CIS/school contact is responsible for referring appropriate students to re:MIND support group. Qualified students are those who are living with symptoms of depression or bipolar disorder, with or without a formal diagnosis of either disorder. CIS/school contact educates students that the group is designed to provide peer support and is not a therapy group or a behavior management group. Student attendance is voluntary and must not be mandated.

re:MIND is unable to provide a copy of group sign-in sheets. If CIS/school contact would like a record of student attendance, a separate sign-in sheet must be provided for the group participants.

Please complete the following to the best of your ability.

Please indicate preferred time slots within school hours

Please indicate possible times (60 minutes) for each weekday selected