Group Announcements 

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Why re:MIND Support Groups?

re:MIND support groups are facilitated by trained, dedicated and passionate facilitators.  We are the only community provider of peer support groups that are professionally supervised, monitored and managed by a staff of Licensed Mental Health Professionals.

What do you talk about during groups?

We talk about symptoms of depression and bipolar disorders and how these mental disorders affect people in their personal lives, job and overall functioning. We provide a safe place to share ideas for coping, support, management and self-advocacy.

Who can attend the groups?

Adults, 18 and older, who have the symptoms of or are diagnosed with depression or bipolar disorder. Family members, and friends (18 and older) are also invited to attend the support groups as they will learn more about each disorder, find the strength to empower their loved ones to live a healthier life, and receive support for themselves. We require a certain level of wellness for an individual to attend. re:MIND does not provide crisis services. If you are in crisis, feel actively suicidal, or feel like hurting others, then Please call 9-1-1, go to a local emergency room, or call the Harris Center at 713-970-7000.

Do you have any groups for youth?

Yes, we have an adolescent group open for young people ages 13-17 living with depression or bipolar disorder. Please complete this application. Must be approved to attend the group.

Do you provide childcare during group time?

Our groups do not provide childcare and children 17 and younger are not permitted in group.

Can I bring my service animal or my emotional support animal to group?

re:MIND permits "working service dogs" to attend group with participant only if the dog is specifically trained to perform a task related to the individual's disability. All other animals, pets, support animals or therapy animals will not be permitted as re:MIND uses the definition for service animal set forth by the Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA) and State of Texas Human Resources Code Sec.121.002.

What is the cost of a group and do you take my insurance?

re:MIND support groups are completely free and confidential. We do not ask for insurance or have financial eligibility requirements for those who choose to attend. We do not have membership fees or ask for donations onsite at groups. If you would like to make a donation, please click here

Why are your groups in churches?

Our goal is to provide easy access to support groups within the community. Local churches often graciously partner with us to provide free space. While our groups are not religious, we rely on the generosity of Faith homes to help us serve the community.

Where are the telephone numbers for the locations?

We do not provide numbers for the individual locations because we have found out that many locations are not able to answer your questions about the groups. Our location partners generously donate their space.

What can I expect from a group? Do your participants really benefit?

You can expect compassionate support and absolute confidentiality from your peers. Our participants have found the support groups offered by re:MIND to be of meaningful value in both their personal and professional lives. View our satisfaction survey results to see actual feedback from our participants.  The longer a person attends group then the more skills they learn and the higher their satisfaction becomes in all areas.

What kind of therapy is used in your groups?

We do not provide therapy in our groups, but we provide hope, support, and understanding. Our support groups are peer “process” groups where participants are given an opportunity to share their experiences related to living with depression or bipolar disorder or supporting someone who does. Other participants will in turn provide feedback in the form of support, education, empowerment and empathy. The support groups also encourage individuals to continue receiving outside therapy and/or treatment.

Do you diagnose people?

No. Please contact an appropriate health care professional to be evaluated. You can check out the Houston Community Resource Page.

Do you provide individual therapy or medication?

No, we do not provide medical services. We offer a safe place among peers and those affected by mental disorders to share and find support. Please contact an appropriate health care professional for medical services. You can check out the Houston Commnunity Resource Page.

How do I find a therapist/psychiatrist?

If you have insurance: Call the number on the back of your insurance card and ask for a list of mental health providers. If you are uninsured please call 2-1-1 Hotline for referrals and/or check The Wellness Guide by MHA. DO NOT let a lack of health insurance prevent you from receiving necessary care related to you or your loved one's mental disorder.

I’m in crisis, should I come to group for help?

No, re:MIND does not provide crisis services. If you are in crisis, feel actively suicidal, or feel like hurting others, then please call 9-1-1, go to a local emergency room, or call The Harris Center At 713-970-7000.

I’m a college student, can I observe a group for class credit?

If you are a college student seeking class credit, please visit our "College Student" page. Please note, prior approval is required before attending a group.

How do I volunteer?

The current volunteer opportunities we have are for peer facilitator. These individuals are at least 18 years old, live with, or are family and friends affected by, depression and bipolar disorders. In order to qualify, you will need to attend group for 6 months, be nominated by a current facilitator and then commit to ongoing annual training. We require that you attend groups first to learn more about our culture.  Check out the group list to begin attending today.

If I'm having trouble registering for online groups, what do I do?

If you need assistance signing up, please email For questions related to Zoom, visit Zoom FAQ

Why do I need to turn on video and audio to attend online groups?

The video and audio requirement is to ensure the overall safety of the group. We ask all participants to be at a confidential and stationary location.

Why are groups limited to a certain area?

re:MIND currently provide services to Greater Houston. The area restriction is to best provide appropriate local resources as well as crisis intervention as needed. You may find resources near you by reaching out to +211, other DBSA chapters or Psychology Today.