Group Announcements

2019 Luncheon Donors

Today's Morning Light

Marie Louise and David Kinder

Ray of Hope

Sally and Joe Bridges/Minnie and Ed Cappel/Jackie and Fred Dunlop/Janita and Garney Griggs/Cecille and George Shannon
Pam and Jimmy Erwin
Linda Griffin
Cynthia and Ben Guill
Jack H. and William M. Light Charitable Trust
Jo Ann Dougall Levering
Franna and Ted Litton
April and Wells McGee
Flo McGee
Carol Ann and Robert Paddock
Aimee and Wynne Snoots
Lynda Underwood

Helping Hands

Marilyn and Bolivar Andrews/Susan and Will Penland/Kathy and John Pipkin
Kelty and Rogers Crain/Mary and Butch Gregory
Emily and Steve Dalicandro
Lindsay and Jonathan Hyman
Kathleen and Dick Rogers
Delia and Jim Stroud


Joan and Stanford Alexander
Eddie Allen/Eagle Global Advisers
Susan and Dave Belding
Bonnie Bering/Flo Carroll/Nancy Cobb/Becky Cooke/Allison and Tog George/Penny Gregg/Joanie Haley/Jennie Hull/Jeanne Moses/Barbara Robertson
Nancy and Harry Burrow/Nancy and Bill Drushel/Lucinda and Tom Marinis/Patsy and Bob Speed/Prissy and John Watson
Central Bank/Carolyn and John Young
Sallie and Ted Davis/Gail and Art Faris/Sue and Ned Price/Cindy and Richard Snell/Sue White and Ronald Bandy
Mary Ellen and Tom Gordon/Elizabeth and Albert Kidd
Elizabeth and Wyatt Hogan/Jennifer and Todd Litton/Laura and Charles Litton
Evelyn and Bob Jewell
Dianne and Dick Kilday
Kim and Scott Martin
Jo Ann Petersen/Jessica Younger
Mary Leslie and Craig Plumhoff/Mary Kristen and David Valentine
Phyllis and Jack Selber
Mary Catherine Sharman
Sun Behavioral Health
Sheila Turner and Associates


Helen and Joe Allen
Georganna Barnes
Polly and Murry Bowden
Claire Caudill
Virginia Watt Chandler
Cathy and Joseph Cleary
Don Condon
Julie Crosswell
Linda Debrovner
Carol Dehan
Lynn and Ronnie Deyo
Reagan and George Fibbe
Lydia and Joe Gorczyca
Ashley and Michael Hanna
Kay Hedges
Marnie and Lee Hogan
Paula Hunt
Mary and Jim Jennings
James K. Jennings, III
Marjorie and Raleigh Johnson
Carol and Keith Kimmick
Linda Knapp
Jennifer and Clint Leal
Lindy and Tom McGee
Marguerite and Sam McHard
Sandra McHenry
Dessi and Sanjay Mathew
Sherry and Gerald Merfish
Lindy and Larry Neuhaus
Jennifer and Walter F. O’Donnell
Jan Redford
Peggy Roe
Regina Rogers
Ashley and Gavin Roseman
DonNell Rushing
Cynthia Scofield
Emily Shields and Todd Adam
Caryn Tebbe
Sharon Throckmorton
Celia Veselka
Anne Vidacovich
Bonnie Weekley
Sally and John Young

2018 Annual Giving

$125,000 and Above

The Hamill Foundation

$100,000 to $124,999

John S. Dunn Foundation

$40,000 to $99,999

Cullen Trust for Health Care
Friends of Drew Webb
              In Memory of Drew Webb

$25,000 to $39,999

The Albert and Margaret Alkek Foundation
The Brown Foundation, Inc
The Crain Foundation
The George Foundation
The Henderson-Wessendorff Foundation
The Powell Foundation
The Ruth Jones MacDonald Charitable Trust
St. Martin’s Episcopal Church
Wayne Duddlesten Foundation

$20,000 to $24,999

The Ellwood Foundation
Isla Carroll Turner Friendship Trust

 $10,000 to $19,999

The M.D. Anderson Foundation
Cynthia and Ben Guill
Marie Louise and David Kinder
Florence and William K. McGee, Jr. Family Foundation
St. Luke's United Methodist Church
The West Endowment
Vivian L. Smith Foundation

$5,000 to $9,999

The Gordon A. Cain Foundation
Don Condon
              In Memory of Linda Condon
Robert W. Knox, Sr. and Pearl Wallis Knox Charitable Foundation
William L. Rudolf
Sherri and Charles Schugart
Barbara and Louis Sklar
The Church of St. John the Divine

$2,500 to $4,999

Bayou Charitable Trust
The Hood-Barrow Foundation
Sharrie and Clyde Buck
Emily and Steve Dalicandro
Anne and Don Fizer Foundation
Lydia and Joe Gorczyca
              In Memory of Mary Ann Bruck
Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation
Lindsay and Jonathan Hyman
Evelyn and Bob Jewell
Carol and Keith Kimmick
The Lewis and Joan Lowenstein Foundation
Cecille and George Shannon
Delia and James Stroud
Christine and David M. Underwood, Jr.
The Vaughn Family Foundation
Dorothy and Hall Webb
              In Memory of Drew Webb

$2,000 to $2,499

Sue and Rob Bushman
Lacy Crain and Joe Galloway
Elizabeth and John Jeffers
Ellecia and Edmund Knolle
Megan and Edmund Pantuliano
Peggy Roe

 $1,500 to $1,999

Reagan and George Fibbe
Jo Ann Dougall Levering
Jennifer and Walter O’Donnell
Kathleen and Dick Rogers
Matt Williams

$1,000 to $1,499

Larry and Carol Barbour
              In Memory of Drew Webb
Shelley and Geoff Bracken
Minnie and Ed Cappel
              In Memory of Gary Levering
Lydia and James Chao
Cuenod Families
              In Memory of Grayson Monroe Cuenod
Jackie and Fred Dunlop
Pam and Jimmy Erwin
Mary Gregory
Linda and John Griffin
              In Honor of Alan Swann, M.D.
DeJuana Jernigan, MSW
Gayle and Donald Keller
Franna and Ted Litton
Mike Rose
              In Memory of Mark Chapman Powell
Mary Catherine Sharman
Olinda and John Simon
              In Honor of Jo Ann Levering
              In Memory of Gary Levering
The Bob and Janette Strode Charities
Suzi and Doug Swanson
Mary Kristen and David Valentine
Kit Wallingford

$500 to $999

Marilyn and Bolivar Andrews
              In Memory of Gary Levering
H.M. Bitner Charitable Trust
              In Memory of Gary Levering
Maggie and Mike Castleman
              In Memory of Lester P. Agnew
Kelty and Rogers Crain
              In Memory of Christopher Fox
Neva and John Dawson
              In Honor of Marilyn and Bolivar Andrews
Rockie and Jack Deboben
Susan Holderness and Kenneth Ledford
              In Memory of Drew Webb
Frank Griffin and Jan McNeill
Albert Hunt
Kathleen and James Jennings
Dianne and Dick Kilday
Lindy and Larry Neuhaus
Susan and Will Penland
              In Honor of Jo Ann Levering
              In Honor of Kathleen and Dick Rogers
Wendy Rasmussen
              In Memory of Jason Vickers
Fay and George Rizzo
Sara and Fred Robertson
              In Memory of Drew Webb
Ashley and Gavin Roseman
Phyllis and Jack Selber
Kendra Scott
Anne and Clark Thompson
Briggs & Veselka Co.

$250 to $499

Anonymous (4)
Rana Bonds
Bob and Bebe Burns
Shana and Holden Burrow
Mike Dalton
              In Memory of Gary Levering
Jerry and Sherry Dunn
              In Honor of Well McGee
Janita and Garney Griggs
              In Honor of Carol Ann and Bob Paddock
Mrs. Frank Hadlock
              In Honor of Peggy Roe
Ann and Tom Kelsey
Anne Lampkin Kinder
              In Memory of Polly DuVal Kinder
Alina Loewenstein
Stacey and Ken Malcolmson
              In Honor of Bob Paddock
Jim Reeder and Erin Nevil
Pam and Steven Rosen
              In Memory of Flo Selber
Kirsten Schachter
Tellepsen Family
              In Honor of Dick Kilday
Jane and Enrique Van Santen
Betsy and Jim Winn
Margaret and Jerry Wolfe

 $1 to $249

Anonymous (8)
Farrah A.
Sandy and Jack Baber
Susan Backes
Monica Barnett
Lisa Bean
Ashley Behrent
Mohamed Bouarrouj
Donald P. Brand
Mr. and Mrs. James Brandt
Tammy J. Boudreaux/ HCA Caring for the Community
Janet Caldwell
              In Honor of Phyllis and Jack Selber
Emily Camillo
Peggy and Rudy Carlin
Chris and Bill Caudill
Richard Cecchi
Rev. Linda Christians
Christopher Clark
Carla Clayton
Cherry and Nigel Curlet
Alix Davidson
              In Honor of Harris Coleman
Jane and Charlie Davidson
              In Honor of Harris Coleman
Lois E. Davis
Ryne Diaz
Jeffrey Dobrinsky
Elisa and Peter Dreghorn
Kay and Dan English
              In Honor of Evelyn and Bob Jewell
Jamie Everett
Laura Ferro
              In Memory of Pieretta Ferro
David Fredrickson
Abi Gadgil
Michelle and Brad Graf
Ruby and Steve Griffiths
Guillermo Guefen
Jennifer Guzman
Hagberg Family
              In Memory of Robert E. Fromm III
Erik Hansen/ PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Martha and Phil Hanson
Amanda Helminiak, M.D.
              In Memory of Jim Lamont
Mary and Jim Henderson
              In Honor of Flo McGee
              In Honor of Peggy Roe
Randolph and Janis Henry
Jennifer and Tom Hensley
              In Memory of Robert Alden Jewell
Jo Ann Hess
              In Memory of Robert Alden Jewell
Mary Hilgendorf
Yuehyun Hsu
Ann Iftikhar
Marivel Jaso
Lauri Kay
Nathan Keliher
Donna Kidwell
Jana Kostantewicz
Peggy Landrum
Robert Lees
Nancy and Jim Lomax
Fran Lowe
Karen Marinos
Michael McCurdy
Rose Ann Medlin
Cabria Miller
An Nguyen
Tam Nguygen
Sara Nieto
Aimee Noto
              In Memory of Paul Miller
Ntegrity Financial Solutions/ Laurie Gordon
Robert and Betty Palmquist
Susan Peak
Arnold Pedersen
Denise Penland
Deborah Piercy
Plymouth United Church, UCC
Ashley and Brooks Ranton
Jan and David Redford
Stacey Ruston
The Schurman’s
Robert Scott
Margret and Robert Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Simmons, Jr.
Gene and Marilyn Shepherd
Evan Siemann and Ann Dare
              In Memory of Dylan Siemann
Jair Soares, M.D.
Janie Stevenson
Patrick Tagtow
Target Corporation
Dr. and Mrs. William Thorsell
              In Memory of Mark Chapman Powell
Linda Tutko
Beverly Walsh
Elizabeth Cowden Walter
Mary and Dick Watt
              In Honor of Delia Stroud
Michael Vesmirovsky
Mary Ellen Whitworth
Maria Willerton
Jennier Xenophontos
              In Memory of Johnathon Doolittle
Billy and Starr Zaleski