Group Announcements 

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Start a re:MIND Community Group

Thank you for thinking of re:MIND for your community needs! 

re:MIND provides free and confidential support groups for individuals living with, or family and friends affected by, depression and bipolar disorders.


Thanks to our generous donors we provide free weekly support groups, valued at more than $20,000 per year, to communities who are ready to talk about mental health.

Our groups have helped thousands of individuals in the Greater Houston area and we are happy to collaborate in serving your community. 

re:MIND provides several different types of distance online peer support groups. Minimum requirements include, but are not limited to:


  • A confidential space (closed room) with up to 15 chairs available for weekly support groups.

  • A reliable contact liaison between re:MIND and physical location of group.

  • Have at least 15 individuals interested in coming to a re:MIND support group.

  • Willing to market the group within the community or organization.

  • Not within 5 miles of another support group (This applies to our public groups.)


Participation in re:MIND support groups is voluntary. Once a group is open, it should have at least 5-8 participants present at each group meeting. If requirements are met, re:MIND will provide a professionally trained, managed and monitored facilitator to lead a weekly support group. (Both entities agree to market/advertise the group.)