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The ability to communicate on a weekly basis with other people that understand or are trying to understand the experiences you are going through is overwhelming. A group of like minded people struggling together, hoping to make sense of things and achieving a sense of purpose that carries over into the following week is a service that can scarcely be measured. I love being a part of that larger scheme of things.

As a participant I anxiously counted down the days between meetings. I enjoyed the fellowship and the feeling of being on a journey, getting from point B to point A, not alone but with other people. Helping and giving, receiving and sharing. These things became important to me.

Then to be approached to be a DBSA Greater Houston facilitator was a real treat. I've always wanted to find a way to serve others and this seemed perfect for me. I could hardly wait to be trained and to start with a group. Being a facilitator has been a real chance for growth. This growth has taken me from being too shy and awkward to even talk during my first couple of meetings to leading a group of my own, from being interviewed by a local reporter, to speaking in front of members of the DBSA Greater Houston Board.

I know I won't always be doing as well as I am right now. I know all too well how much mental illness is like a snake in the grass ready to strike, but I do know that there is an organization involved in helping the depressed and the manic and everyone in between and I am truly grateful for DBSA Greater Houston and everything it has done for me.


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