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DBSA Greater Houston conducts a yearly satisfaction survey for the participants to rate the support groups and their experience. Here are the 2015 results.


During January 2015, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Greater Houston conducted its annual “Participant Satisfaction Survey”. The survey provides both quality improvement and assurance metrics that are used to improve DBSA’s delivery of services.  The survey is given to participants at every site location during one random week in the first quarter each year. 


DBSA Greater Houston received responses from 49 out of a possible 50 support group site locations with 388 individuals completing the survey. DBSA’s weekly attendance ranged from 337-414 during January 2015.

Overall, DBSA had an average score of 4.13 (83%) out of a possible 5, with 1 representing “poor” and 5 representing “excellent”.

Overall Average Satisfaction Scores per Measurement Variable

Increase in Support: 4.26 (85%)

Increase in Information/Knowledge:  4.10 (82%)


Improvement in Coping Strategies:  3.92 (78%)

Improvement in Hopefulness:  4.21 (84%)

Improvement in Communication Skills: 4.06 (81%)

Improvement in Quality of Life: 4.10 (82%) 

Manage Mental Disorder: 3.99 (80%)

Reduce Need for Hospitalization: 3.77 (75%)

Overall Satisfaction with Group Facilitator(s): 4.51 (90%)

Overall Satisfaction with Support Group: 4.39 (88%)


Average Satisfaction Breakdown by Group

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Instrument: Self-Report Questionnaire

This survey is given to participants during group time in one random week in the first quarter. Participation is voluntary and responses are placed in an envelope and sealed with a participant’s signature to ensure confidentiality and anonymity. Results are sent to main office and processed by Program Staff.

Did not Survey: East End Spanish: Group closed due to low attendance.


Participant Satisfaction by Length of Time Attending Support Group

First Time attendee (n=53):


-Satisfaction with Group facilitator: 4.33 (87%)

-Satisfaction with Overall group: 4.02 (80%)

1-3 months (n=103):

-Satisfaction with Group facilitator: 4.45 (89%)

-Satisfaction with Overall group:  4.26 (85%)

4-7 months (n=68):

-Satisfaction with Group facilitator: 4.45 (89%)

-Satisfaction with Overall group: 4.38 (88%)

8-11 months (n=37):

-Satisfaction with Group facilitator: 4.53 (91%)

-Satisfaction with Overall group: 4.57 (91%)

12 and more (n=127): 

-Satisfaction with Group facilitator: 4.67 (93%)

-Satisfaction with Overall group: 4.60 (92%)


Length of Time Attending Group

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As the aforementioned survey results show, DBSA Greater Houston continues to provide a high quality of service in its delivery of support group services for those affected by depression and bipolar disorders. Furthermore, there is a positive relationship between increase in skills, and satisfaction with long-term attendance at DBSA Greater Houston support groups. There is also a strong satisfaction with the Facilitator and the group overall from the first visit. This supports DBSA’s philosophy that Facilitators set the tone for the group to be a safe atmosphere for sharing. While the scores across the spectrum are excellent, DBSA Greater Houston will continue to implement further quality improvement measures as needed that will serve to strengthen the organization’s support group model.